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1. This order form can only be used to purchase the tickets sold through the NTCH Ticketing Service.
2. The ticket(s) purchased by Fax must be picked up at the box office at the NTCH. We will not deliver the tickets by mail. Please bring your ID card (or passport), the credit card you use to purchase, and the original copy of the order form with you when you pick up your ticket(s).
3. The clients purchase their ticket(s) by Fax have no privilege to choose the seating locations. Our staff will choose the best locations left based on the “first come, first served” criteria.
4. The clients have to fax their order forms ten days before the performance they want to attend; each client is limited to purchase four tickets for each performance.
5. We handle the fax purchases according to the order the fax forms are received. Our office hours are between 13:00 to 17:00PM per day. For the fax forms received after 17:00PM, they will be handled on the following day. If you want to confirm that we receive your form, please call within our office hours. Some performances are highly welcomed, we can not guarantee that you will get the ticket(s).
6. The queue in front of the box office is usually long when the performance is about to start, please come to pick up your tickets one hour earlier if you do not want to miss the performance.
7. The members are asked to purchase the tickets by charge no matter you purchase by fax or online, so do not make duplicate purchases.
8. We can not refund or exchange the tickets by fax. If the clients have to refund or exchange the tickets, please pick up the one(s) you purchase first. Then takes your ticket(s) and the original credit card you use to purchase the ticket(s) to the box office at the NTCH for refunding or exchanging. The programs hosted by the NTCH can only be refunded or exchanged one day before the performance. The programs that are not hosted by the NTCH can only be refunded or exchanged ten day before the performance.
9. Please check the ticket and audience information pages of our monthly program to find out the other details.
10. Hotline for the fax: 02-3393-9908 (office hours: 13:00 to 17:00PM per day), the NTCH Ticketing Service Hotlines: 02-3393-9882
11. Address of the NTCH: 21-2, Zhong-Shan S. Rd., Taipei (The box offices are located at the ground floor of both the National Theater and Concert Hall buildings.)